Building a platform to automate legal document creation and legal support

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Obtaining great legal services for businesses can be simple, inexpensive and hassle-free!

Your focus is on your unique, creative and challenging business goals. Yet, you require intelligent and financially efficient legal counsel to be properly organized and to protect your company with optimal legal agreements and documents.

Traditional law firms were created for the previous century: not tech-savvy, not agile and certainly not cheap.

With the use of AI, we will fix this broken model and create a legal platform for the 21st century by providing fully automated, intelligent legal services.

Our platform, when launched in early 2018, will:

Incorporate your business and provide corporate maintenance services.
Automate legal document creation using latest AI advances, such as: shareholder agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, loan agreements, etc.
Provide relevant and knowledgeable information and explanations on key aspects of business law through convenient and automated conversational interface.
Store and manage your documents, enable paperless reviews and electronic signatures.
Connect you with experts, should you require.

Join us on the quest to revolutionize the industry and to help businesses in their success!

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